8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

There are so many different varieties of bridesmaid dresses out there to choose from, and you will definitely need your bridesmaids’ opinions on which ones they like best. When it comes time to choose your wedding party’s dresses, take a look at these 8 breathtaking options that your bridesmaids are sure to love!


1) One shoulder lace Bridesmaid dress

One shoulder dresses are perfect for a beach wedding or perhaps one in Paris. They tend to accentuate women’s body lines which can be a great way to show off your physical attributes. The best thing about them is that they will never go out of style.

Nowadays, most celebrities prefer wearing one-shoulder dresses with high slit in front or back during red carpet events like Oscar and Grammy awards night. Whether you choose long or short dress depends on what type of occasion you want to attend and what kind of look you want to create.

8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

2) Long sleeve mermaid gown

The long-sleeve mermaid gown was so popular at last year’s weddings that designers are incorporating it into bridal collections again and again. Offering a dramatic touch of romance, without being overly formal, your bridesmaids will feel both beautiful and comfortable in these gowns.

Choosing pale shades of mint green or coral will help ensure that you look like a dream at each rehearsal dinner and wedding reception. These dresses also make for phenomenal getting ready attire. You can even pick out a short sleeve style for those days when it’s just too hot to be dressed up! Whether you choose an A-line silhouette or ball gown shape, there is something for every body type.

One of our favorite designs from David’s Bridal features ruching on one side to accentuate your figure—but not in an overwhelming way. If you want to go for something more traditional, take a look at J Crew’s collection of long sleeve chiffon dresses with lace detailing on top. They come in all shapes and sizes—from petite options to plus size styles—and they’re all under $200!

8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

3) Pink bridesmaid dresses

No bridal party is complete without them, but choosing what color to go with can be a challenge. If you’re getting married in a less traditional setting, why not opt for something offbeat? While there are just as many amazing options in non-traditional colors like mint green and purple, there are some surprising ones as well—from lavender to orange and even denim blue. Whether you want to match your friends or stand out from everyone else, these are sure to do it.

8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

4) Striped knee length dress

If you want a more traditional look, then a knee length dress is probably your best bet. If you’re shopping on a budget, consider visiting your local thrift store. Shabby chic bridesmaid dresses are usually found in abundance at these stores and many can be transformed into beautiful bridesmaid dresses with a simple alteration or two.

You can also browse through companies that rent bridesmaid dresses for bridal parties. Once again, do some research to make sure you’re getting what you pay for and be sure to check sizes before you confirm anything. Don’t forget to add accessories such as belts or headpieces to add color and flare!

8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

5) Short bridesmaid dresses

Short bridesmaid dresses doesn’t have to be ugly. In fact, a short bridesmaid dress can often be one of your most creative and original options. A short dress can make you look sleek, sexy and sophisticated. You may want to opt for a shorter option if you know that your maids will be dancing or eating and drinking quite a bit throughout your celebration; shorter dresses tend to move around less as they get tugged on or stepped on by other guests.

It’s worth noting that some designers do make long versions of their popular short styles, so there are plenty of choices out there when it comes to picking an ankle-length gown for your entire wedding party.

8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

6) Gold Lace Dress

This flattering gown is sophisticated and sexy, which makes it a great choice for wedding guests looking to stand out on their special day. The fitted bodice and flowing chiffon skirt make it both sleek and forgiving.

The dress’ empire waist means there’s no need for Spanx underneath, as it will nip you in at your smallest area without being too tight on top. It may take some getting used to, but you’ll love not having to worry about pulling up your dress all night—especially once you see all of your favorite snacks over in buffet table!

8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

7) Strapless white dress

Most brides say their one of favorite bridesmaid dresses is strapless. When you select a strapless dress, make sure that it has sleeves. Many women feel awkward and uncomfortable with their arms exposed all day. A lace-embellished shrug will instantly transform your dress into a more traditional look. Plus, they’re cheaper than actual bridesmaid dresses and they also give your friends and family an elegant outfit to wear at dinner parties or other social gatherings afterward.

If you want to go for something even less formal, try a short-sleeved top in any color but white. You can then choose from any number of solid colors for your skirt. If you want to stick with tradition but still have fun, consider choosing bridesmaid dresses in different shades of one color (for example: light pink, dark pink and rose). They won’t be identical but will complement each other well while still giving off a team vibe.

8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

8) Ivory lace dress with floral detail

The lace dress is a flattering choice for women of all shapes and sizes. You can wear it on your own or pair it with other bridesmaid dresses. This dress has beautiful beading detail that sparkles in any light. It’s great for older brides who want to bring their style forward and make sure they’re not wearing something that doesn’t fit into their new life. Plus, ivory looks great against darker skin tones.

If you have fair skin, you’ll still look gorgeous but will blend better with your wedding party. The added tulle at the bottom helps balance out your frame so you don’t look top-heavy. In general, lace looks stunning on everyone because it draws attention to areas of your body where you feel most confident.

8 Breathtaking Bridesmaid Dresses For Your Wedding Day

This type of Bridesmaid dresses could also work as a guest at a formal event like an awards show or gala; just accessorize it accordingly! Lace is an elegant fabric that makes even jeans and sneakers feel like they’re part of an evening gown—and if there’s one thing we know how to do well around here, it’s turn up dressed down.

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