7 Stunning Henna Designs

Henna designs are a fun way to show off your individuality at weddings, engagement parties, and other special events. Henna has been used in many cultures around the world for centuries, with artisans using it as an art form to create ornate designs that last up to two weeks on the skin after application. Plus, once your henna design is applied, it can’t be erased from your skin no matter how hard you scrub! Here are seven of the most stunning henna designs that will make you look good even when you’re not trying!


Intricate Henna Designs:

An intricate, geometric Henna Designs are definitely going to stand out on your hands and can be placed in such a way that it draws attention to your ring finger. Placement of these designs will depend on where you plan on wearing them at your own wedding, but they can easily be added onto smaller fingers (like your pinkie or thumb) as well.

Check out photos of henna art like these online or in magazines and try doing some research into which style works best for you and where. Once you’ve found something you like, check with someone who knows their stuff—either an experienced artist or a person who has done henna for years—to make sure it’s actually possible for you before trying to go all out with an elaborate design.

7 Stunning Henna Designs
Stunning Henna Design

Chandelier Style:

This henna design features large, intricate patterns that look almost too perfect to be hand-drawn. However, with time and practice you’ll be able to create chandelier designs with your eyes closed! To start out, make sure you have a small surface area (like your arm) and experiment until you’re comfortable with creating designs that fill most of your space. Practice makes perfect! When you’re ready, take your skills up a notch by moving onto larger surface areas like legs or arms—or even bodies for more experienced artists.

We recommend starting with a medium size canvas before trying to tackle full body Henna Designs; once you feel confident, move on to something bigger! Just remember: The thicker and longer your lines are, the less detailed they will appear in person. The thinner and shorter your lines are, however, the less forgiving they will be if any mistakes are made. If you want it to be as perfect as possible from head-to-toe, we recommend doing a test run first.

7 Stunning Henna Designs

Ornamental Round Pattern:

This traditional pattern is typically used as a base for other designs. The center of the round pattern is usually made up of repeated paisley, sunburst or medallion shapes. The round pattern can be worn alone or it can be combined with other henna designs like an Arabic letter design.

To create a round tattoo, you’ll need simple curved tools that work well with very fine lines like dotting tools, dental picks and stenciling brushes. This will let you recreate these intricate patterns in complete detail. Depending on how much time you want to spend creating your design (the more detailed, the longer it will take), decide whether or not you need separate templates for each part of your pattern so that everything matches up when your design is finished.

7 Stunning Henna Designs
Henna Design

Open Palm Detail

This henna tattoo is ideal for weddings. A small, intricate floral design can be added to your hand as an accessory for any event or wedding. It’s beautiful and has lots of detail, but isn’t so large that it will overwhelm your arm. Keep it subtle and classy by just adding a few petals or even stick with one color if you want something understated and elegant.

You might find yourself choosing just one element from these gorgeous designs and incorporating it into your own piece, perfect for smaller events like bridal showers or anniversaries. For example, pairing an open palm design with some tiny flowers makes for a great way to get in on some festive wedding vibes while still looking lovely at work on Monday morning!


Small and Delicate Pattern:

Many weddings are held in summer, when it’s hot out and you don’t want to think about your sleeves or hair. Make sure your Henna Designs doesn’t scream Costume! and instead chooses bold colors, delicate patterns, and/or cool designs that will complement your outfit for the day. We love how intricate these tiger lilies are—but if you have simpler tastes, no problem.

Try one of these elegant palm trees! If there is something specific you want out of a henna design (say: peacock feathers), then show us some examples and we can try our best to create something similar. Just let us know what you’re looking for! It’s important to remember that whatever henna pattern you choose should look good on both arms and legs.

So, ask yourself: Would I be happy with my leg being a center stage as opposed to my arm? The answer is yes… but maybe not as much as you’d like? What’s most important is ensuring your design looks beautiful on any part of your body it’s placed on. After all, they’re temporary tattoos! So while they’re applied, take advantage of them! Feel free to wear whatever color(s) suit your mood and get ready for an amazing event.

7 Stunning Henna Designs

Metallic Henna Designs:

If you’re planning on getting Henna Design at a wedding, and chances are you will, then why not make it look good? Floral Henna Designs are an awesome way to add style and beauty to your special day. Plus, if your bride-to-be is Indian or from another region with Hindu beliefs (like Nepal), floral designs can carry some additional meaning.

So, whether you want these Henna Designs for fun or in honor of something meaningful, these seven designs will take you from drab to fab in no time. And don’t worry about getting these styles wrong; as long as you like what you see, that’s all that matters!

7 Stunning Henna Designs

In addition to these metallic styles, consider other options for your wedding Henna Designs. One option is to use brightly colored body paint over a white background; simply use white paint over large areas of skin and apply color wherever needed. Another option is temporary tattoo paper:

All it takes is a steady hand and access to ink and watercolor paints—no fancy kit required! With so many options available, there really isn’t any reason not to try out henna during your big day!


Floral Styles:

Traditional Henna Designs is often accented with flowers, vines and arabesques. Flowers, especially roses, are popular for all sorts of Indian weddings and can be used in different ways. For instance, small roses could act as accents on an overall design or larger roses could be in vases at each table for guests to enjoy during dinner. A few other flowers that would work well as traditional designs include marigolds, chrysanthemums and jasmine—they’re lovely floral choices for any wedding.

If you’re looking for something more unique, consider using cherry blossoms or lotus flowers instead. These Asian-inspired blooms have intricate patterns that look beautiful when drawn onto skin. Lotus flowers also have a history of being worn by brides in India; they symbolize purity and devotion, which makes them perfect for ceremonies celebrating love.

7 Stunning Henna Designs

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